Weber Q in color
For the launch of the Weber Q in color, Weber decided to grill some unusual food that had never been tested. This social series explores some crazy, unique recipes that our Millennial target could get behind.
Will it Grill // social
Talking to Millennials is all the rage. So Weber introduced new colored lids for their "goes where you go" portable gas grill, the Weber Q. The perfect companion for the on the go, being with friends while eating tasty food and having a great time lifestyle.

Breakfast of Champions // :30 preroll
Glamping // :30 preroll
Rooftop // :30 preroll
There are all kinds of fun things going on at the new Win a trip with your buddy and a new color Q. Also check out some recipe videos about grilling unique foods on the Q. 
Food, fashion and culture bloggers helped spread the word about the Q and it's endless possibilities.
You can make pizza on these things, seriously.
ACD, art director, UI: Matthew Sharpe
​​​​​​​Director: Jake Kovnat
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